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In this article I will tell you step-by-step process how to create Social Security account. My Social Security account is completely free and very easy to create with few simple steps. It is pertinent to mention here that since September 2021 Social Security Administration changed how you create a My Social Security account.

The benefits of having a Social Security Account

My Social Security account can do a number of different things without the hassle of reaching out to Social Security Administration for minor problems. Through this account you can request a change of address, a replacement card, checking the status of an application, estimating future benefits and to manage the benefits you already receive from Social Security Administration.

Step-by-Step to Create My Social Security Account

Step 1

To create the My Social Security account go to Social Security website at and then you will need to first click the Sign Up button at the top right and then select My Social Security account on the left. There you can create an account or if you already have one just log in to your existing account.   

Step 2

After you have successfully created my Social Security account you need to set up a or account, which will then be connected to your Social Security account login. Then scroll down and you will see the option of use and activation code at the bottom of the page. It is pertinent to note that the activation code is used when you need a special code from Social Security to create your account. As long as the account creation goes smoothly, you would not to need to go through from this process. To create the my Social Security account you must have an email account as without one you would not be able to create the same. Moreover, if your spouse already has a Social Security account you need to use a different email to set up your account as two accounts with the same email cannot be created. So, before signing up for my Social Security account you need an email account which you can create in couple of minutes.

Step 3

After you have successfully completed the above two steps you need to have your cell phone ready as there will be two occasions where the system will send you a one-time code, one for and one for Social Security. Both of the codes will give you the option of receiving a code via text or via an automated phone call. Lastly, you will have the option to add more layers of verification to set up your account. This could be done through your driver’s license or any other government issued id or through your last eight digits of a credit card in your name, figures from your Social Security benefit statement, tax form 1040, or 1040 schedule SE for self-employed individuals. However, this part is optional and if you do not need to add extra security layers just skip it as it will add more complexity, setting up your account and more possibilities for errors and problems.

So you better skip it and you can do it any time in the future if you want. Also note that if you encounter errors along the way, the system will alert you where to make corrections. This could happen during the account creation process, or later when you will enter your contact information for the Social Security administration. It is quite possible that no matter what you do, no matter how accurate you think your information is, the system might not accept it as there might be mismatched data on file with Social Security, like the wrong date of birth, a misspelled first or last name, or something else that does not match up with your credit file.

Verifying your information through Credit Reporting Agencies

It is pertinent to mention here that Social Security does verify information through the credit reporting agencies in the final part of the account creation process.

What if you have any issues signing up for Social Security Account?

In case you have any issues signing issue signing up your account, contact Social Security at toll free number 800-772-1213 between 7am and 7pm, Monday through Friday. They can help you gain access by mailing you an activation code and you would then use that code to proceed with your account creation, which we mentioned earlier.

Next Step

Click the Create and Account button first and then enter your email address. Remember, it is best to use a unique email address and it should be your own, not another family member. Then choose your language, check the box to agree to’s terms, and then click submit. Now the system alerts you that an email has been sent to your email address. The email come from with the subject line of “confirm your email”. Then open the message and click the blue button that says, confirm your email address. This will now take you back to the account creation process where it asks you to create a password. You will need to create a strong password with at least 12 characters. Be sure to make note of your password as this will be how you log in to the account in the future.

Your username will be your email address, and your password will be what you just created in this step. Then click the blue continue button to proceed. This next step is very important as it sets up your two-step verification. Essentially, every time you log in to your account with your username and password, you will receive a unique code to gain access. Remember, there are all sorts of options and you will need to decide what is best for your comfort level.


In my example, I am going to choose the phone option, which sends you a text message or calls you with the code. Click the blue Continue button to proceed. The next page asks for your cell phone number. Enter it, select text message or phone call to get the code and click the send code button. Then you will receive the code usually within seconds or maybe a minute. Enter the code here and click submit.

Now the page confirms that you are connecting your log account to SSA, the Social Security Administration. Click agree and continue at the bottom. You will then need to review the terms of service, click the box, and select next to proceed. You’re almost done. This page is where you’ll enter your contact information. It is important that you enter your legal name as it’s shown on your Social Security card. In case you have a middle name, you can just enter your middle initial. Your Social Security number is next and you can enter it with or without dashes. Then click the little i icon to make sure the numbers you entered are correct.

Then go ahead and enter your data birth, home address, and your phone number. Then click the blue Next button to continue. If there are errors, the system will let you know where you need to make corrections. If all is good, you will be taken to the page I alluded to early on, where you can add an extra level of security to set up your account. In case you do not want to add extra security at this time, then click next. Now here is where you will get yet another code to officially access your account, just as you will do every time you log into your Social Security account. You have the option of receiving a text message or a phone call. We will choose the text option again and click next. The code should arrive pretty quickly, but the system says it can take up to two minutes to arrive. Enter the code here and then click submit activation code. Then proceed by clicking next here, and then the last page is agreeing to Social Security’s terms of service.

Click the box and the next button, now you are officially in. This particular account we created today is for someone who is not yet eligible for Medicare and not receiving any Social Security benefits, so the dashboard and options might be different than what your account looks like. Essentially, once you start receiving Social Security and or Medicare benefits, the dashboard and options are a little different. So it’s a bit of a process, but in the end, you will benefit from having this online access.

Thanks for reading my article and in case you have any question regarding the subject matter just leave your comment below and I will respond to you as soon as possible.


In today’s article we discussed at length the process how to create my Social Security account online. As discussed above, after signing up for my Social Security account you will have plenty of options to do different things like changing your address, requesting a replacement social security card, checking your monthly check status and other things related to your social security benefits. So if you do not have a social security account you should create one as soon as possible as it would make it easy for you to keep track of any changes to your social security benefits and related issues.  


Q. What is benefit of creating a Social Security Account?

A. Through Social Security account you can do a number of things online, which are otherwise difficult to do

Q. Is Social Security account easy to create?

A. It is very easy and simple online Social Security account and it takes hardly 20 minutes to create one.

Q. Can You create new account if you have any issues with existing one?

A.  Yes. If you cannot sign in or have any other issues you can create the new one by following the above same steps.

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