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In today’s article we will discuss different factors that may permanently terminate your disability benefits. Some of the main reasons include criminal convictions, medical improvement, return to work, failure to cooperate, reaching retirement age, and death of beneficiary. Detailed information is as follows:

Criminal convictions

The first thing that could hurt your social security disability claim is police report over different crimes/violations like narcotic drug abuse at extreme level and reckless driving. And what that means is that they then have to apply a materiality test to see if these drugs are essentially creating a scenario where they are making your impairments worse. Therefore, if you were to take away the drugs, your impairments would not be as severe. In that case you cannot receive social security disability benefits.

Another reason that could affect your benefits is going to jail for more than 30 days. So, if you remained in jail for more than 30 days in any case you could lose your social security disability benefits. It is pertinent to mention here that if were in jail it will make a strong case against you and will be used against you by Social Security administration, which may ask your capabilities when it comes to walking, standing, pushing, pulling, being with other people and all other relevant things.

It is important to note that police reports or tickets that are not consistent with your impairments, are usually relatively short and do not have a lot of details. However, police reports containing different violation like driving a car above the speed limit or other reckless violations could be very harmful to your social security benefits. There is another thing as well, which is that you will put down your SSA forms that you can or cannot do certain things. And as a result of not being able to do them, when you are then caught doing them by the police and it goes into a police report, it creates conflicting evidence.

Statement of inability

Making statements of inabilities followed by actions of abilities could be another thing that could hurt your social security disability benefits. For instance, you are on disability benefits but do not have that disability and someone reported the same to Social Security Administration with evidence.

Improvement in your health condition

If there is an improvement in your health condition while receiving social security disability benefits, you could lose your benefits. As Social Security Administration conducts periodic reviews, to assess whether you still meet the criteria for disability and if not, it could terminate your benefits.

It is pertinent to mention here that SSA takes into account not only the medical evidence but also any other relevant information provided by you or your healthcare provider. It is important to note that if Social Security Administration terminated your benefits due to improvement in your health condition, you can still appeal the decision with provision of medical reports stating that you still have problem and cannot work.

Returning to work

You cannot get social security disability and work at the same time. If you were previously getting social security disability benefits but later returned to work, your disability benefits will be terminated. It is important to note that when you return to work, the Social Security Administration considers the level of your earnings and if your earnings exceed a certain threshold, it might lead to a suspension or termination of your disability benefits. It is important to report your work activity and earnings to the Social Security Administration promptly.  

Failure to cooperate

It is important to note that another factor that could your disability benefit is if you do not cooperate with Social Security Administration. You are required to provide accurate and timely information to the Social Security Administration and the failure to do so could lend you in trouble.

It is crucial to adhere to reporting requirement, attend medical examinations and respond to inquiries from the Social Security Administration well within the stipulated time. In case you have any issue in giving information to SSA, you should reach it out as soon as possible and seek assistance to address any issues.   

Reaching to retirement age

If you are receiving social security disability benefits but later reach your full retirement age, then Social Security Administration will automatically convert your disability benefits to retirement benefits at the full retirement age. It is important to note that the transition from disability benefits to retirement benefits generally does not result in interruption of your payment. The social security administration will notify you about the change in your benefit status and provide details about your new monthly payment amount. It is pertinent to mention here that if you choose to delay receiving retirement benefits beyond your full retirement age, your monthly benefit amount may increase until you reach 70 years of age.   

Death of beneficiary

If the deceased was receiving Social Security disability benefits, the benefits will cease upon their death and family members cannot get disability benefits. However, surviving family members, such as spouses or dependent children may be eligible for survivor benefits. The family members are required to promptly notify the death of recipient of disability benefits to Social Security benefits and claim survivor benefits after completing all necessary documentation.  The Social Security Administration can provide guidance on the steps to take and the documentation required when reporting and death and claiming survivor benefits.


In today’s article I tried to enlighten you about factors that could lead to termination of your social security disability benefits. In some cases, you can appeal the decision of termination of your benefits, but in most cases, you will not be able to do so. Always try to follow all the regulations of Social Security Administration, otherwise you could lose your disability benefits.

I hope this article would benefit you and if you need more information on this topic or any other topics related to Social Security in the United States, I have many articles on my website which might be beneficial to you. Moreover, if you have any questions about any issue related to Social Security, health insurance and other financial matters, you can leave me a comment with your name and email and I will respond you as soon as I could, please.

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