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This article is all about health insurance in the United States. In this article, I will tell you how health insurance works in the United States and different top health insurance providers in the country. You probably know that medical treatment is so expensive in the United States, so having a reliable but cheaper health insurance plan is very important. You will probably be thanking that why I said cheaper health insurance plan, so reason for that is that middle class Americans cannot afford expensive health insurance. Most of hard-earned money of Americans either go to their mortgage, rent or other necessities like groceries and utilities. So, you need to have a cheaper insurance plan to meet your other expenses.   

How des health insurance work in the United States?

Health insurance serves as a financial safety net for individuals seeking medical care in the United States. Mostly, individuals pay a monthly premium to an insurance provider for provision of healthcare services. It is important to mention here that there are different health insurance plans typically involve deductibles, co-payment and co-insurance. It is pertinent to mention here that a deductible is the initial amount individuals must pay out-of-pocket before their insurance starts covering costs.

Why choosing a right health insurance company matters?

With the rising cost of health care, it’s critical to choose a health insurance company that meets your needs and provides the coverage you need. Health insurance is a crucial aspect of our lives, and choosing the right insurance company can be a difficult task. With numerous options available in the market, it can be challenging to determine which company is the best for your needs. So, choosing the Right Health Insurance Company not only gives you peace of mind, but also protects you and your loved ones from unexpected medical bills.

Top health insurance companies in the United States

As we discussed earlier that choosing a right company can be a difficult task, but it is so important to choose a right one, which not only gives you better treatment options but with minimum cost. Following are some of the top health insurance providers in the United States:

Blue Cross Blue Shield

As the most prevalent health insurance company in the country, Blue Cross Blue Shield offers high-quality insurance policies with a wide range of plan options and types, including health maintenance organizations, exclusive provider organizations, and preferred provider organizations.

The multitude of choices makes it easier for customers to find the perfect plan that best fits their needs. If you are looking for flexibility in your medical care, Blue Cross Blue Shield could be the right fit for you.

The company boasts an extensive network of health care providers, encompassing 90% of the country’s doctors and hospitals. Although specific networks may vary, you will likely have access to a vast selection of covered doctors in your area. However, it’s important to note that their plans can be more expensive than those offered by other providers.

While the quality of care may be high, the added cost may not be a good fit for those on a tight budget. Therefore, it’s essential to compare and contrast different providers offerings before choosing a plan.

United Health Care

United Healthcare is a reputable health insurance provider that offers high-quality plans. What sets United apart is the company’s comprehensive care, including several add-on benefits and a robust mobile app.

This can be especially useful for those who are self-employed, as it streamlines coverage, saves time, and reduces hassle. United Health Care plans often come with a range of benefits, such as free primary care, affordable prescriptions, and access to wellness programs. Additionally, you can add dental vision and disability coverage to your policy.

The company’s mobile app is a standout feature, allowing policy holders to have telehealth appointments, estimate procedure costs, compare doctors, and manage their plans. This makes it easier for users to get the most out of their coverage.

Despite its benefits, there are some downsides to United Health insurance policies. The plans can be more expensive than the average, which may not be feasible for some consumers.

Additionally, according to comments on the Better Business Bureau, interacting with the company can be frustrating at times. Nonetheless, they remain a solid option for those who value comprehensive care and the convenience of a robust mobile app.

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is a top-rated health insurance provider that operates in eight states, including California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Oregon, Virginia, and Washington, as well as Washington, D.C.

The company is renowned for its excellent customer service and streamlined access to high-quality medical care. Kaiser Permanente consistently ranks as the most customer-satisfied insurance provider. One of the benefits of Kaiser Health Insurance is the company’s medical facilities, which can make it easier for policy holders to manage both their insurance and health services through the same online portal.

However, the downside of enrolling with Kaiser Permanente is that the network of health care providers is limited. Unlike other plans that offer access to a broad range of doctors, Kaiser Permanente typically only provides coverage when you see care from a Kaiser facility, except in emergencies.


ETNA’s health insurance plans have average ratings and lower monthly costs than other providers, making it an attractive option for young and healthy individuals. Additionally, many ETNA plans offer rewards or gift cards for engaging in healthy activities using the attain by ETNA app on an Apple Watch or Fitbit, which can help policy holders save even more.

A notable feature of ETNA plans is the free or low-cost access to CVS Minute Clinics, located in CVS, or target retail locations. This means that policy holders can access in network care across multiple locations, such as their hometown, college town, or internship location with ease.

However, ETNA’s plans may not be suitable for individuals with ongoing medical conditions or those who require expensive medical procedures. In such cases, higher-rated insurance providers like Kaiser Permanente, Blue Cross Blue Shield, or United Healthcare may offer better customer satisfaction and fewer complaints. It’s difficult to determine which health insurance company is the best overall, as it depends on individual needs and preferences.

However, based on customer satisfaction ratings and plan offerings, Kaiser Permanente is often considered one of the top health insurance companies due to its highly rated plans and low prices. On the other hand, Blue Cross Blue Shield is another well-regarded health insurance company that offers more flexibility in its coverage and has a large provider network, making it widely available.


In today’s article I explained you all the pros and cons in detail regarding top health insurance providers in the United States. However, ultimately, it is up to you to choose a right one for you, keeping in mind your needs and financial condition. But, it is important to carefully compare plans and coverage options from different insurance companies to determine which one best fits your specific needs and budget. However, if having access to a wide selection of doctors is essential to you, you may want to consider Blue Cross Blue Shield, which has the largest network of medical providers in the country.

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